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Dry Slide Rentals for Rent

Soar into excitement with our dry slide rentals, featuring towering 18-foot slides in tropical, tidal wave, and dual-lane themes for endless fun without the splash.

Elevate your event with the thrilling heights of our 18FT dry slide rentals, perfect for those seeking adventure without the splash. The 18FT Tropical Fire Slide brings a burst of vibrant color and excitement, mimicking the heat of tropical escapades on a dry, exhilarating slide. For those who dream of surfing giant waves, the 18FT Tidal Wave Dry Slide offers the thrill of the ocean in a safe, land-based slide. The 18FT Dual Lane Dry Slide doubles the fun, allowing participants to race side by side down its expansive lanes, adding a competitive edge to the sliding excitement. Each slide is designed for maximum safety and fun, ensuring a memorable experience for guests of all ages. Ideal for outdoor events, festivals, or any occasion looking to add a touch of high-flying fun, our dry slide rentals promise to be a standout attraction.